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  1. OC Wildlife

    11/04/09 01:05:19 | 0 Comments

    Now, I am fully aware of the importance of preserving nature and wildlife areas.
    I have now begun to change my galleries so purchases of my photos will allow me to donate towards the preservation of Orange County wildlife. I see it disappearing every day.
    My website is
    I wish I had more time to sit here, but my neck won't let me. The eyes after ten years on the net are also saying no. ;~)
    This month I managed to get another, longer lens and am having a blast. It's very heavy though. Talk about a neck wrecker! ;~)Here's some more fun I've had!
    A gorgeous Mandarin Duck in OC!



    Bighorn Rams above Lake Mead, unreal, I just sat down amongst them.
    The horns clanking when they get nervous is a sound to remember...



    Netgarden > Kites, Roadrunner, Quail, Osprey, Sora 500f4 OCwildlife photo

    Osprey with big fish
    Netgarden > Now what shall I do with this huge dinner!

    Netgarden > Kites, Roadrunner, Quail, Osprey, Sora 500f4 OCwildlife photo

    Sora, very unusual around here
    Netgarden > Sora (porzana carolina)

    Pelican up close
    Netgarden > Kites,...

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